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Lilli Badcock

I am Lilli Badcock, Confidence Coach and founder of The Confidence Academy and The Promise Tribe for Strong and Amazing Women.

I am passionate about helping people, and specifically women, to build unshakeable confidence so they can live the life they were born to live! I know that there is strength and beauty in every single one of us and that if your life isn't exactly the way you want it to be right now, there IS something you can do about it!

Often it is fear and lack of confidence that holds us back from achieving our greatest potential. Through the story of my own experience with Anxiety, I will teach you that fear is simply a lesson. A stepping block to lift you to your highest power.

It's time to soar!

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Caroline Cavanagh

Hi, I'm Caroline Cavanagh, owner of Adding Zest and creator of Anxiety Alchemy.

Alchemy is not magic, its a physical transformation and I help people transform their lives, making every day worth living. And that's what I want everyone to have the choice of - to be able to wake up and want to get out of bed.

Our 'comfort zones' are not always very comfortable but fear keeps you there. I will teach you the steps to cut those shackles and access new choices, choices built from a chemical change that gives you confidence.

My passion is teaching teenagers what they are truly capable of when they become 'Alchemists' and know how to use their own internal chemistry. They don't teach this chemistry in school, but they're chemicals we live with daily - so come and learn the process that transforms anxiety into confidence. !

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Amanda Foster


Life is not always what you want to it be – but we do have the power to change it. Through adversity I now have a great life, partner and business. I have learnt how all the experiences we have can be used to make us a better person.

I help individuals and businesses get the best from themselves. I am able to help you through my personal experience, to look forward and start to believe in yourself, sell yourself as well as skills that will help you in your personal life.

Presentation Skills, Confidence and Tips for Public Speaking and tips with Body Language – I love to get the best from you!

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